Be on Top of Your Cookie Compliance

Be on Top of Your Cookie Compliance

Ensure your websites are in constant compliance with your data protection requirements with us.
We make it possible to receive data from all your websites, analyze the compliance status, and share it with your relevant stakeholders.

Most Companies have serious compliance concerns

  • Your websites retain visitors' data through cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • This data is also stored in many ways despite putting consent management systems, and not all of it is always under your control!
  • With Trusteon, you can be certain that your compliance setup is up-to-date as frequently as you need .

Our Solution: Get complex compliance concerns under control

We provide constant Cookie Compliance of all your websites

  • Our studies have discovered that around 80% of the websites capture personal data prior to user’s consent decision, which means your websites can be one of them.
  • With trusteon, you can be certain of who is specifically responsible for which compliance action with our quick adapting workflows.
  • Websites are a living system with constant ongoing changes and GDPR compliance is not constant because of varying international interpretations.

Solve this problem with us and fortify your business against any compliance-related action.

Legal Consequences

GDPR requires companies to show that the data they process is with the consent of their websites’ users through an audit trail. This means your organization must be able to prove an audit trail of how and when consent on your websites was given. Manually checking which tracking technology or cookie is a threat to your compliance process is hard to achieve

Compliance issues don’t just mean heavy fines but also bad press. Not even Amazon was safe and was fined €746 million in 2021. With Trusteon, we make sure your compliance requirements are swiftly addressed. That way you are safe from

  • Negative PR
  • Damage to your Reputation
  • Loss of Business
  • Data Loss
  • Vulnerability to cyber threats and attacks

Our Features

Completeness & Classification

trusteon Cookie Compliance identifies sub-domains and landing pages. Logging of locations and technologies with the use of reference data for classification

Automated Monitoring

Repository of all web pages, including implemented tech and consent solutions. Integration with all features and approval process for automated monitoring

Dynamic Linking

Contact, role and permission management to integrate all relevant stakeholders. Dynamic linking to inventory, workflows and the audit trail.

Audit Trail

Documentation of DPO approved tech in a secured audit trail. Automated monitoring of compliance status, documentation of changes and critical incidents


Information on critical entities such as cookies, websites, contact with KPI compliance level, process status or risk exposure. Filtering for single entities


Processes to manage a high compliance level include registration of new websites, incident management or roll-out of new tech. Notifications, task lists with a reminder.

What Happy Users Say

What I like most about trusteon is the pre-classified content which highlights the most relevant tasks that need to be solved. The workflow feature handles most of the effort to work across a distributed team. This reduces the effort from weeks to hours.

Aditi Haruray

Legal & Data Privacy advisor at novuter GmbH

Without trusteon it would be painful for us to monitor the compliance of our online presences. Now we can save the time to analyse and we put our effort into resolving the relevant issues. Plus, we know that we will get actively alerted if new issues come up in the future.

Franz Posch

Managing Director at novuter GmbH

Trusteon saves me hours of manual cookie checks and provides the peace of mind knowing that my compliance is up to date. It has added value to our efforts by making it easier to create a compliance task and assign responsibilities. This has helped us know our compliance status in real-time and efficiently push new approvals to the DPO

Christian Meggendorfer


Let’s Begin Your Successful Journey to Achieving Cookie Compliance

Get in touch with us today to see how we can improve your compliance status!

Try our free test that scans your website, and we will send you a report on the cookies and online tracking in use on your websites and indicate whether your website is GDPR compliant.

Our GDPR Compliance Management Use Case

1. Homepage to Opportunities to Story Browser

User accesses the 'Story Browser' under the 'Opportunities' tab after logging into Novuter Digital Assistant homepage.

2. Story Browser Filter

Allocates filters [Location; Specific Task; Corresponding Department/Sub-department; Scope of Compliance need; Timeline customisation]

3. Access relevant Stories

Applied filters show story statuses related to GDPR visually through a tree

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4. Access Drill Downs

Content and statuses of the story branches within the tree requiring compliance attention for analysis

5. Platform Analysis

Platform generated analysis from the algorithm for content drill downs relating to current GDPR compliance status

6. Undertake Steps for compliance

User implements analysis for compliance- related tasks and allocated comments from other users of the compliance tool

7. Access Drill DownsCreate New or Sub-Tasks

Promptly create need-based new tasks from comments or related tasks, and assign it to the second responsible user

8. Approval Process

The second responsible user re-assesses compliance tasks undertaken, compliance concerns addressed and assigns the task to DPO/external for approval

9. Achieve Complete Compliance

The user closes the loop by updating compliance status to completed